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Best Travel Apps for Kids

July 18, 2012

Like | Live shared a great article this weeks about the best travel apps for kids. With summer travel in full swing, it’s important to have tools on hand to keep the kids occupied through lengthy security lines at the airport and long rides down the open road. Load your iPad and iPhone with a few great apps before hitting the trail, to keep your kids both entertained and learning while in route.


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One mom suggested giving kids photo assignments to keep them engaged. Ideas include photographing certain items found in airports, types of cards on the road, historical monuments and food. At the end of the trip, the kids get to Instagram their photos and add their favorites to the family photo album.

The Night Sky:

Work in a little education with fun by downloading The Night Sky. Whether you’re enjoying a night on the beach or in the backyard, you can run the app and hold it to to the night sky and it will tell you the constellations you are looking at.


Great for letting the kids track your progress, while your jetsetting from the Washington Coast to Florida and back again. Jonathan Epstein of Celebrated Experiences turns on this app when he’s waiting around the airport with his son. “We love playing with the maps. It is great for showing my 4-year-old where we are flying, and what mountains or bodies of water we are flying over.” Not to mention, it’s a great practical app for parents to keep up to date with flight schedules and information.

Other App Favorites:

Match It Up: A memory game for toddlers to age 9
Jetpack Joyride: The various jetpacks make this adventure ride a ton of fun for ages 9+.
My PlayHome: A virtual dollhouse for the tech generation. Kids organize everything from their parent’s bedroom to the CDs in the stereo.
Stack the States: Educational and fun, kids aged 3-6 years old can play this game when traveling to learn more about geography and where they’re spending their time away from home.
Around the World with Lilup: Parents of younger kids raved about this story-book app, which takes you around the world with Lilup the traveling pup.

We’d love to know what you think! What are your favorite kid friendly apps or go to tricks for keeping the kids engaged and entertained in route?