Lance Humphreys

Lance Humphreys, Founder

My favorite childhood memories involved travel. Call them “holiday, ” “vacation” or “retreat” – those are life defining moments. I love people and I love building things. In 2011 we began building something that impacts people by creating the soil for those life-defining moments to grow. We call it Anthology. The vision of Anthology is a group of people reminiscing on the best vacation or retreat they’ve ever had… really. If you ask them why their vacation was so great, they say it was about untangling the complexity of life for a few days to get back to what is really important. They connected to special people or they reconnected to something inside of themselves that had gotten lost. Authentic-elegance. Simplicity. Connecting. The bigger picture for us is to simply impact. Everyone that comes in contact with Anthology gets connected to something that impacts them in a great way.


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