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Welcome home.

Ten years ago, we stumbled on a town called Rosemary Beach, and it was instantly “our place.”   There was something in the design that seemed to elevate a sense of safe belonging.  A bike could take us everywhere we wanted to be and bring us back to a house where everyone we needed could be found. The car never moved and the day ended with a sense of being renewed.  We immediately felt at home here and we began to recognize there are certain places that actually lend themselves to an even more special experience that can influence us and the way we want to live when we get back home. There are similar places on different beaches, in mountains and on separate coasts that provided this same kind of genuine authenticity.

Anthology started as a dream in our heart for a different kind of vacation and we’ve grown into a collection of gathering spaces in heirloom places. Our carefully curated a collection of premium vacation homes have all the character and amenities of a boutique hotel but with the legroom and benefits of a meticulously managed private property. Stays at a vacation home, a part of the Anthology collection, are defined by consistency, quality, and our signature carefree elegance.

We value connecting people to authentic destinations to create meaningful stories and experiences. We talk a lot about family, relationships and the power that the right experiences can have on those people. There is a level of intimacy that begins to happen when a family or a group of friends gets away together without distractions. Relationships deepen, because of the soil that was created for new things to grow. We get excited for a week of vacation, but it’s the legacy that trip can have on a much bigger picture that makes getting our job right so much more important to us. We care about making booking, planning and vacationing as effortless as possible, so you can enjoy the people and things that matter most. We’re just a tribe of people reminiscing on the best vacation we ever had. People that value simple, beautiful places, and want the impression and memories from our trip to hang with us a while.

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