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Finding Inspiration in Seabrook

July 17, 2013


We are absolutely loving the beautiful work of nationally acclaimed Seattle artist, Nathan DiPietro, who recently created a series of paintings of our very own Seabrook, Washington! Here is an excerpt of what he had to say about his inspiration behind this series:

“I was drawn to Seabrook because it’s the physical edge of the newest wave of civilization, creeping up the coast towards the northwest tip of America. The architecture evokes the beach communities of Nantucket and incorporates craftsman and bungalow accents. Oyster shells line the paths. The cedar shingles on the houses come from the mill two miles north, in dilapidated Moclips. Fire pits and shuffleboard edge the park. The town’s grocery and restaurant complete the package, providing all the comforts of urban living. It’s the border where wilderness becomes Seabrook that I find to be most interesting.” – Nathan DiPietro

We are glad to see that people are finding inspiration in one of our favorite places! Come and stay with us at Coastal Living or our newest home, Togadera – we know you’ll fall in love with Seabrook as much as we have!