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Printable Farmer’s Market Valentine’s Cards

Anthology DIY Printable Valentines Day Card

We know what you’re thinking… Produce, right? Well, for the sake of complete disclosure, you ought to know that prior to typing out this post I scarfed a lot of Valentine’s candy. We are not those people passing out apples and lectures about the dangers of sweets on Halloween, but rather, we were just inspired by the playfulness, bright colors and fun of our local farmer’s market. Okay, and maybe we’re halfway hoping there is some subliminal message that might encourage our son to try his carrots tonight.

Anthology DIY Printable Farmer's Market Valentines Day Cards


Anthology DIY printable Farmers Market Valentines CardRegardless, we wanted to share these DIY printable Farmer’s Market Valentine’s Day cards for you to share with your friends and family this February 14th.

To add to the Farmer’s Market theme, each of our Valentines is getting their Valentine card in a paper sack with a piece of replica model produce and obviously a dash of sequins for good taste. We got our little collection of assorted fruits and veggies from Michaels.

To download, just click on the link, print and cut out!

Anthology Farmer’s Market Valentine Cards

Anthology Printable Valentines Cards


Printable Farmers Market Valentines

DIY Floral Hair Comb


DIY Floral Hair Comb

We shared a Mother’s Day post that featured these beautiful floral hair combs from Juniper Designs, and now we’re delighted that she’s sharing a tutorial for how you can make them yourself at home. It may be because it’s May, but we think there is so much whimsy and elegance in a loose hairstyle with a few flowers pinned in. It’s the sweetest look for a little girl’s birthday party, family photos or a summer wedding. We hope you enjoy crafting your own!

What You’ll Need:

• Fresh or Silk Flowers (we used freshwater Spray Roses and Brunia)
• Snippers
• Ribbon (Choose various thicknesses for depth and interest. We picked ribbon with subtle colors and lots of texture. Make sure you get a thick option to cover up the card stock).
• Card Stock (Select a subtle color here, this is just a structural component)
• Hair Comb (You can purchase these from any general store, they have various sizes)
• Hot Glue Gun (Any glue gun will do, we use this for the construction portion of the backing)
• Cold Floral Glue (We use cold floral glue for fresh flowers, it adheres in a flexible manor and does less!)

DIY Floral Hair Comb

Step 1: Cut a 2” x 4” piece of card stock. For various size combs a rule of thumb is to make sure the edge of the card stock extends about a quarter of an inch past the width of the comb. Fold the card stock in half.

DIY Floral Hair CombStep 2: Run a generous line of hot glue along the back of the comb and attach it to the non-folded side of the card stock. Press the two open sides of the card stock together to hide the top of the comb. Cut off any excess or extra that you don’t need.

Step 3: Cut your ribbon to the appropriate size to conceal the card stock. Don’t be afraid to layer the ribbon adding depth and interest. Once cut to the appropriate length, glue the ribbon to the backing.

DIY Floral Hair Comb

Step 4: Now we move on to the cold glue for fresh flowers (you can use hot if you’re using silk). Run a line of cold glue along the ribbon in the desired place. Let the glue set up for about 10-20 seconds. While you’re waiting for the glue to set up, snip your desired flowers short at the base.

Tip: make sure you clean your flowers by taking off any blemished outer petals.

DIY Floral Hair Comb

Step 5: Apply a dollop of cold glue to the bottom of the cut flower (do this slowly as the cold glue has a tendency to run at first). Allow the glue to set up for 10-20 seconds.

DIY Floral Hair Comb

Step 6: Apply the flowers to the comb, making sure that the glue you placed on the backing and the glue on the flower are touching (the glue works like rubber cement and bonds to itself). Arrange the flowers as you see fit. Fill in any holes you may see with buds or other floral elements you’ve gathered. Let sit for a good 30 minutes before use and enjoy!

DIY Floral Hair Comb

DIY Floral Comb Tutorial

Thanks so much again to Alison Fleck of Juniper Designs for the DIY and to Ely Fair Photography for the stunning photos!


DIY Valentines Gift Wrap

DIY-Valentines-Gift-WrapWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, we are already in the mood to start crafting and creating for those we love! We always love the idea of giving gifts with a personal, handmade touch so, of course, we were totally sold when we ran across these darling (and very doable) DIYs for your Valentine’s wrapping. The ideas are also versatile enough to be used on wrapping and crafts throughout the year. Enjoy! 

DIY Ice Skating Rink in a Mint Tin

Altoid-Ice-Skating-RinkWe are constantly amazed with all of the wonderfully creative things people create with something as simple as an empty mint tin. We love the idea of taking something that would otherwise get tossed in the trash bin and breathing new life into it. As we were scouring the web in search of some fun holiday crafts, we ran across this darling DIY Ice skating rink (link) made from our favorite piece of, well…trash! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer or take-along toy for a long car ride with a little one and can be easily customized to fit any child’s interests. So the next time you’re tempted to toss your tin after the last altoid is gone, pull out your craft box instead and turn it into something brand new! Enjoy!

DIY Adorned Glittered Clothespin Gift Toppers

glitter-gift-toppersWith Thanksgiving just behind us, Holiday crafting is already in full swing over here! We’ve been scouring the web to find fun and inspiring ideas to get the whole family creating! We fell in love with these DIY adorned glittered clothespin gift toppers  from Creature Comforts Blog and can’t wait to get started making a few of our own! They’re the perfect craft for a cold evening in over a warm mug of cider and a good conversation. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving DIY: Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

fall-home-tour-dining-room-uncommon-designs-650x433Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are all busy finding ways to make the holiday extra special for those we are spending it with. Enjoying time honored family recipes, sharing stories around the table and decorations made with love are all the ingredients that go in to making the day memorable. One of our favorite decorations that we’ve found this year is this DIY wheat bundle centerpiece from Uncommon Designs. It’s beautiful, fairly simple to create and is so versatile, you can keep it up the whole Fall through. I don’t know about you but we are starting ours now! Enjoy!