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TRY: DIY Twine Lanterns

May 22, 2012


Today we’re teaching you how to make twine lanterns. These lanterns are perfect for everything from an outdoor garden party to an easy solution for livening up an office. Take your extra day this weekend and try this fun and easy craft with your family!

Now, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. The level of messiness involved in this project definitely warrants the great outdoors or a tarp covered floor in your home. However, we think you will find that the fun you had along the way and the final product makes the mess completely worth it!

Gather up:


1. Blow up a balloon. We suggest not blowing it up to its maximum capacity so that it is rounder.

2. After the balloon is inflated to it’s desired size draw a circle with the sharpie around the balloon knot just large enough to accommodate whatever lighting method you choose. Note: If you are just wanting to hang the balls or use them in a vase then you don’t need to leave a hole at all!

3. You will need to prepare your work area by laying down a tarp. We hung a shower curtain bar between two chairs and suspended the balloons by it with string so we could have plenty of working room.

4. Mix corn starch, glue and warm water together until it’s completely smooth.

5. Smear the petroleum jelly all over your balloon until it is completely coated.

6. Besides being in good company, this project will go much faster if you have a friend or some family help. One of you should begin feeding the yarn through the glue mix and handing it off to the other person to drape around the ball.7. Tuck the start and end pieces of yarn beneath other pieces of yarn. Begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon vertically at a comfortable tightness, and gradually switch to wrapping horizontally.8. Once you’ve achieved the look you want by wrapping the yarn around the globe, you can tuck the end of your yarn under another string. If you’ve wrapped your lantern heavily in yarn, you may want to prop up your balloon from the bottom with a cup or jar for extra support. This will keep your balloon from deflating, because of the weight.

9. Allow 24 hours for the globes to dry.

10. After your lanterns have dried for 24 hours, you can pop the balloon! Use a chopstick to knock out any glue crystals that developed between strings.

11. Spray the ball with clear fast drying spray paint outdoors. This will help it maintain it’s shape, even outdoors.