What to expect

What To Expect

Forget paying thousands to join a vacation club to get consistency and quality.

You can expect amazement at every one of our homes. From coast to coast, there are a few things that you can always count on to be the same during your Anthology getaway:



Each bed covers you in the highest quality Italian linens, found only in the world’s most exclusive private homes. Our linens are paired perfectly with Goose-down comforters and pillows.[/callout-right][/callout][callout][callout-right]


We don’t judge you for wanting to unwind with a favorite show or playlist right before bed. That’s why every guest’s room has a flat screen TV and iPod radio. Kids would rather watch Netflix on the iPad? That’s fine too, because every home has free Wi-Fi.[/callout-right][/callout][callout][callout-right]


Each home has four bicycles ready to transport you on your next adventure. At our tropical properties, two beach chairs and an umbrella await you on the beach. Not sure how you’ll fit ‘wellies’ in your carry-on to Seabrook? We’ve got you covered with several sizes for men, women and children.[/callout-right][/callout][callout][callout-right]


Our kitchens are all appointed with professional appliances, impressive enough for even the most renowned chef. We also equip our kitchens with everything you have at home, plus top of the line dinnerware, silverware and drink ware.[/callout-right][/callout]

The Vacation Planner

Your dedicated vacation planner will help orchestrate experiences, and maybe, introduce you to something you had not yet imagined. We’ll worry about the details of planning your dream vacation, so all you have to do is enjoy it!

The Personal Concierge

Around here we have a saying, “Go to the guru.” Why spend time and sanity trying to figure out the home’s fancy sound equipment or the best restaurant in town, when you can go straight to the person with all the answers? Your personal concierge will be available for any wish or whimsy. She will meet you at the home for a quick walk through, so you can dwell care-freely the rest of the week. More interested in just enjoying the peace and quiet of the beautiful home? By all means carry on, and they’re a phone call away if ever you need!

The Over-acheiver

You expect a complimentary mid-week clean, which you get, but we’ll do you a few better. We have a whole team ready to serve. Let us know if we can pre-stock your fridge, bring in a personal chef or even arrange child care.

The Hospitality Experts

Our experienced and dedicated partners in hospitality are experts in the art of dream vacationing. We have built relationships with the most talented and acclaimed companies in each town who’ve seamlessly implemented the Anthology luxury program. As the cream of the crop, they’re committed to serving at the highest level of consistency and quality. We handpick each vacation planner, concierge and housekeeper to ensure that this is the best vacation you’ve ever taken. They share our vision for carefree elegance and, now, are a part of the Anthology family.

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